Stop Boring Content Marketing

Stop Boring Content Marketing

Every business aims to bring their products and services into the vision of more people. When  we are creating a marketing campaign for our businesses we often use the same tired, worn out techniques. Stop Boring Content Marketing!

It is safe to say that marketing is one of the fastest moving departments in the world of business and this can often leave us behind in a pit of creative dust. But before you start to contact every Advertising Agency you know for help; take a look at some of these simple ways you can boost your marketing and make it less boring.

Write directly

The key thing to remember when you sit down to write a piece of content marketing for your audience is that you are telling a story. The way you present your content will change the way people perceive you, so if all of your articles are straight laced and impersonal- no one is going to read them. The trick to creating great content is to talk directly to the audience, like we are doing here. Make conversation, tell jokes and be light-hearted. The more personal and fun your content is, the better it will be received.

Add pictures

It is a known fact that if you give someone a video to watch versus a book to read- most people will choose the video. Everyone loves to learn visually, and this is why social media like Instagram and Pinterest are so popular amongst people. If you want to add some interest to your content marketing, take some photos and make some videos! The addition of this new media will help you be recognized much more easily and your following will grow.


The next time you want to explain a concept to your audience, don’t explain it in a large paragraph of text. Infographics are a fun way to teach people about your company and what you do without having to write hundreds of words. Be inventive and add lots of images and symbols to catch the eye.


Videos are becoming the most popular form of media out there, and if you want to make your content marketing more exciting you can take advantage of this. You can hardly scroll down your Facebook feed these days without a ton of videos popping up: it is a fun way for you to create content and will also be much loved by your audience. Get creative and make tutorials on how to use your products or even add in some popular references such as to TV shows like Game Of Thrones.

Stop Boring Content Marketing with Unique Ideas

If you have never seen someone do something before to market their business, then this is the time to start making your brand stand out. For example, you could send out trick or treat bags to your audience for Halloween, host live videos on Instagram from your offices and even make an event. If you can dream up a unique way to market yourself, dive right in and let yourself stand out.