May 2016

The Twitter Character Update Battle

Personally, we are happy to stick with 140-character count tweets. Thank you, Twitter! It is enough to read your Twitter feed as is as we are continuously bombarded with content good, bad, and ugly. Twitter announced this week on May 24, that the 140-character count stays, but will stop counting media attachments and other content toward its iconic character limit! Can we get a woot woot!?

Popular Twitter Hashtags You Should Use Today

Hashtags are crucial if you want your content to be found in social media. What is a hashtag? It is a way of categorizing your content, allowing it to be easily discovered by people searching for content on that topic. For example, if you are creating content for say a small business owner, you should be using popular hashtags that they most likely are searching for.

Social Media Cheat Sheet

We ask the question why oh why does social media change their sizes all the time? Just as soon as we get used to each platform’s rules and size requirements they change again and again! So we have put together a little cheat sheet for you to take the guess work out!

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