Retaining the Brightest Talent

Retaining the Brightest Talent

As a start-up owner, you are in something of a quandary when it comes to making your first hires. Sure, you want to recruit the very best talent out there, but how are you going to pay for it? And, more to the point, how are you going to compete with your industry rivals who are already well-established?  And even more important, how do you retain the brightest talent!?

You could be forgiven for thinking there is no way the best candidates will come to you – but it’s not necessarily the case. In this guide, we’re going to explore a few things you can do to improve your company culture and ensure that the brightest talent will be keen to jump on board with your start-up. Let’s get started with some of the basics.

Do something big

OK, so first of all – how big is your idea? If your start-up is inspiring, disruptive, and looking to change something dramatic, people will flock in their droves to come and work for you. Of course, this won’t be a possibility for every start-up, but the principle of selling your idea will – so get working on that message to sell yourself. Never forget that marketing isn’t just about appealing to your customers – it’s also to get people on board with what you are doing. Get creative on your recruiting and never forget that consultants are just as good as full-time employees if not even better!

Recruit for culture

Most employers want to hire the people with the best skills for the job. However, these guys tend to come at a cost – and startup owners might be better off by hiring for the culture of the company rather than a decision based purely on a skill set. Skills can be taught, but when you are starting out, it’s vital to get the right people around you. Employees that are driven, happy to be there, and have a passion for their jobs. Start hiring people like this today, and by tomorrow you will have people banging on your door to join them.

Engage your employees

It’s vital to engage your employees as much as possible – it’s pretty much the only thing that will help you retain the top talent. When workers feel valued, and that they are contributing, they will be happier, more productive, and likely to stick around for the duration. Be active in communicating with staff and use performance management services to track and reward high performers. Recognizing individual contributions will make them feel like they have a reason to be with your company.

Target multiple hat “wearers”

Certain people are more suited to the start-up environment than others. You need people that will, first and foremost, get the job done. But you will also need those that are prepared to spread their wings and try new things. As any startup owner or employee will tell you, it’s vital to be able to wear all different types of hat, as every day is different. One day you might be managing employee A and B, the next, employee B might be managing you under the direction of employee A. At some point, people will eventually find their niche, and become almost indispensable to the success of your company.