Marketing Through Your Work Space

Marketing Through Your Work Space

You’ve seen how to market through your staff and their uniforms, but now it’s time to market your business through the space they work in: your office. When your business is customer-facing, everything is about professionalism and your work space needs to show that. Every aspect of your business must shout professional and genuine to prospective customers so that they can feel confident enough to use you, and then put their continued trust in you. Here are some tips on how to make your office space make your customers believe that you’re the right business to tend to their needs.

You wouldn’t turn up to work with a stain on your shirt, and you don’t expect your staff turn up with a dirty uniform on because it wouldn’t look professional — so why would you want your office to be filthy? You need to remember to make sure the office is aesthetically perfect at all times for when you welcome potential customers and clients into it if you want to build long-term relationships with them. Imagine you’ve invited a prospective customer to a meeting held in your office. They turn up and see that the floor hasn’t been vacuumed, that the trash cans are full or even a wall that needs a new lick of paint. Not the best look, is it? You must tend to your office maintenance needs. Some tips in sprucing up your office space include filling it with bright colors, decorations, ornaments, flowers, a fish tank and some funky stationary. Creating a welcoming feel for everyone, regardless of gender, would result in a more widespread chance of catching a customer’s attention.

As well as making it aesthetically pleasing, you must create a ‘real’ business environment. Great office furniture increases productivity and having a more professional environment surrounding you as you work is only going to increase your workforce’s productivity. It will only further the chances that your office space will be perceived as being professional by prospective customers. To undertake the task of creating a ‘real’ office environment, you should seek the services of office furniture systems, such as those found on in order to make sure your office is not only practical, but looks professional. And to further this, you need to fill your office space with all the essentials needed so that prospective customers know you’re not just a business that is for show and that you are to be taken seriously. This means having all the utensils, instruments, devices and facilities to be able to provide what you are promoting.

At the end of the day, it’s your decision on where you want to invest the bulk of the money you’ve set aside for the marketing of your business and the products your produce. Whether you choose to spend this on staff and uniforms, on online services through the hiring of social media and SEO managers, or in fact by sourcing up your office, you must consider all the options and determine what is best for you. If yours is a business that opens it’s doors daily to customers, then it’s a no brainer — invest in your office!