Marketing Through Your Staff and Their Uniform

Marketing Through Your Staff and Their Uniform

When your business is customer-facing, everything is about professionalism. Your staff need to be polite and well-mannered. And, they also need to be providing quality service. So, you train your staff and make sure that they’re performing at their best. But there isn’t much point in any of it if they’re all wearing their own clothing. In these sorts of businesses, it’s important for staff to be wearing some sort of uniform. Let’s unify your look and feel from a brand and marketing perspective!

In most customer-facing businesses, it’s important for staff members to have a consistent look and feel with your business branding. Without it, it can make your business look sloppy. You might find that customers struggle to figure out who your staff are. Or, that they are put off by the lack of consistency.

Having a consistent brand uniform, it gives you a chance to display your brand in a way that customers will notice. Doing this will make your staff members instantly recognizable. Most businesses will take any chance they can get to have their logo printed on something. So, this kind of advertising is something you should be looking for.

A lot of people prefer separate clothing for work and free-time. And, most people don’t like wearing their own clothing out at work. So, having a uniform will usually make your staff happier. This will be even more so if you provide the uniform out of your own pocket. When you hire someone, it’s your responsibility to make sure that staff are wearing clothing that’s appropriate for the job. Most people would say that this covers the purchase of the clothing.

In most cases, uniforms can be quite cost effective. When you’re buying things in bulk, from business-facing websites, you’ll save a lot of money on each item. There are loads of services that offer printing for things like t-shirts and sweaters. So, you just have to find something that matches your requirements and budget. Most of these places can provide samples to give you a chance to try other options.

Let’s Get Your Hands On Some Brand

In most cases, businesses will buy this sort of thing from the internet. But, you may also find a local company that can help you. There are loads of companies out there dedicated to making uniforms. You just have to figure out exactly what you need to buy before you can start placing orders.

The top of your uniform will be the piece that varies the most depending on your business. In some places, a shirt and tie will be appropriate. In others, a polo or t-shirt might be more useful. This will largely be based on your personal preference. But, it’s worth having your logo somewhere. It’s easy to find printed casual wear, and you can also get ties with logo embroideries. This makes it much easier when it comes to choosing the sort of top that staff will wear.

For men, most uniforms will be best matched with slacks. Simple, black trousers will do the trick, in most cases. For women, this may vary slightly. It’s common for businesses to give females the choice between slacks or a skirt. A lot of businesses will also provide these for their staff. This ensures that every staff member has enough clothing to do their job and still be clean. It can be hard for some staff members to afford several pairs of slacks or loads of shirts.

In a lot of places, it will be common for staff to have accessories like pens and hats. These items should also be designed with branding and inclusivity in mind. You don’t want people to feel embarrassed about wearing your uniform; they should be happy in it. Personal name badges can be a nice touch, as well. This gives customers a way to address your employees in a friendly way. It also gives people a reference if they need to find that staff member again. Custom buttons can be found in tons of places online. This will give you a chance to get your logo onto very formal uniforms.

In most places, employees will be required to wear their own shoes. This still gives you a chance to have some choices though. It’s important that you make sure that staff have a way to get their hands-on items like this. People will often try to bend rules like this. So, it’s worth trying to give staff as many options as possible, to avoid the need for diversion.

It can be challenging to design a uniform that works for both men and women. Men are generally easier. There are less options and less body types to think about. For ladies, you may have to put more work into it. It’s very common that there will be a lot of uniform options for females in the workplace.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to up the effort when it comes to the uniform for your business. It’s very important to your staff and your customers that you provide good uniforms that work with your company. There are businesses out there that can help you with your brand and its uniforms. You just need to put in a little bit of work for your brand and your employees.