Make Your Small Business Messaging Dazzle

Make Your Small Business Messaging Dazzle

As a small business, one of the hardest things is to gain attention in a sea of noise. Especially if you don’t know how to put together a marketing strategy. It’s not enough to have a great product and to tell people how great it is. You need to get in their space and find ways to surprise them with your value and dazzle them with your messaging. There’s some convincing to be done and we’ll tell you how to do it.

The Pufferfish Effect
The most important thing that your messaging needs is confidence. If you carry yourself like a small business and tell people you’re a small business, that’s what they’ll expect. Instead, you should be fighting to break the stigma. Let your services speak for themselves. You might even want to consider using tools like Add a more professional address to your brand instead of a home office or the like.


Start A Conversation With Those Who Want One

The very first thing any business should do is start getting the enthusiasts on its side. If you weren’t getting influencers in your industry to pay attention as you build up to your launch, start doing so now. Sites like Reddit have discussion pages for every interest and industry imaginable, too. It can be hard to viral market there, given how marketing hostile it can be. If you frame as a conversation, however, you can find some of your most passionate fans.


Start Hitting The Senses

It’s important that you use every advantage that your product has to offer to you. A lot of products, for example, look pleasing to the eye. So you should be using visual social media, not just text messages. There’s a big demographic shift in younger customers towards Instagram, for a start. Sites like can help you hit those demographics. You can also use images to give a peek inside the company. Give people the opportunity to get to know and even recognize staff members.


Get Them Reading All About It

If you want effective messaging, then you can’t be the only one delivering it. You need to create noise around the discussion you’re starting. One of the most effective ways to do that is still the press release. Don’t miss an opportunity to have others reporting the latest offers and news from your business. Well-written press releases work for both the people publishing them and your business. It puts you on even footing with the bigger companies getting the same kind of coverage.

Capitalize On The Buzz That Already Exists

Finding it hard to create content that builds a buzz? You need to nail that down, but while you figure out how to, just hop on another topic. One that’s already trending. Pay close attention to social media hot topics, like Twitter hashtags. Start talking about the things people are already proving they care about. Turn the conversation towards your business. Give them a reason to visit your site and your social media pages even if they’re not yet aware they might become customers.

It’s time to start controlling your image and even making it better. Confidence and charisma carry, even across the internet. We hope the tips above help you make your messaging more potent than ever before.