Make Google Work for You

Make Google Work for You

Google handles trillions of searches every year at a global level. That is at least 5 billion searches per day, but as there is no known figure, it can be difficult to quantify exactly. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that Google holds a monopoly in terms of search engine. You don’t Bing something; you don’t just Yandex it. You Google it; proof that we use it so much that the beloved tool has become a verb of its own. So, for marketing professionals, there is no excuse not to embrace the full potential of Google – especially when most of its services are completely free. Can you make Google work harder for you? Yes, you can, by automating it. Here’s how it’s done.

Google-ize Your Marketing

Get your content to drive more traffic quickly

You’ve probably heard the saying before ‘content is king’. Your online presence is designed to drive leads and appeal to your audience. As a result, promoting exciting and informative content is essential to sell your services and promote your brand. High-quality content makes your business stand out. However, if Google can’t index your content, you can’t expect to measure any SEO benefit from your latest blog article. Indeed, you need to use Google Search Console to monitor how your site is crawled and to automate Google updates.

Make the most of search marketing

Google doesn’t only provide search results; you can also use it for marketing purposes. Indeed, using Google AdWords, you can launch paid advertising and manage your campaigns. However, managing pay-per-click campaigns can be time-demanding, especially when you have a lot of different campaigns. That’s precisely why you need to use powerful Google Adwords automation scripts to ensure that your marketing presence can run safely on autopilot. All you need is to create a bunch of rule regarding cost per click, competitive and aggressive behaviors, and keeping ads active or not based on bid and market criteria.

Get your reporting done for you

Similarly, another fantastic marketing tool from Google is Google Analytics, which lets you monitor web traffic to your site. It’s not uncommon for marketers to waste a lot of time preparing weekly, monthly, quarterly reports, instead of being able to analyze the data. But if you automate your reports directly to Google Sheets you can sit back and let Google do the hard work for you. All you need to do is to analyze the reports, instead of manually producing it.

Let Google warn you about competition

Last, but not least, you can use Google to keep you informed about the market situations and your competitors’ activities. Indeed, Google Alerts helps you monitor information on a specific topic regularly. Google Alerts are not a novelty, but marketers don’t make the best use of them. You can set up Google Alerts from your Gmail account, and you can even use some of the predefined searches that Google has already established. It’s a great tool to track market gossips, check what other companies are doing, and discover trending topics.

In conclusion, it would be foolish to assume that using Google is a smart move if you don’t use it to its full potential. Google can help you make better-informed decisions about your business, and it can manage some of your marketing activities. So what are you waiting for to delegate to Google?