Cut The Anchors Dragging Your Site Down

Cut The Anchors Dragging Your Site Down

Let’s think of your business website as a ship. It’s sailing through the waters of the web, hoping to attract the interest of some new passengers, eager to buy products, view content or check out some services. Unfortunately, your ship probably has at least a few anchors pulling it down. This is going to impact performance and could ultimately bring your business site to a grinding halt. You’ll definitely be overtaken by some of the faster ships in those choppy waters online. But to let these anchors go we first need to understand what they are. What stops your site from performing well online and match a site like for traffic?

Devilish Details

It could be something very small that is stopping your business from competing with the bigger boys online. A little detail like a picture online could be the difference between a sale and a lost customer. But that’s not just going to impact sales. If customers see something they don’t like they’ll click off your site, spending less time there. Indirectly, this will alter your ranking if lots of customers do the same thing. The answer to this problem is a-b testing. With a-b testing, you can show half your customers one version of the site and half another with that little detail changed. You will then be able to make small site adjustments that are going to have a big impact on sales.

Need Leads?

You do, you need people to arrive at your site who could bring fresh possibilities and business opportunities. But to do this, you need to put the feelers out there to find them. To do that, you have to think about working with a company like With a team like this on your site you can approach marketing on multiple fronts. In doing so, you can make sure you get interest from the leads that you need. Rather than seeking them out an alternate option is buying leads for your site through paid for traffic. But this doesn’t usually have the type of impact that you want and can be a lot of wasted money.

No Quality

If you favor quantity over quality, you are definitely going to have a weight on your site dragging it down. Quality is important, not just to Google but to your customers and you see this mistake online all the time. One of the worst things that you can do is release content on your site that doesn’t make sense or isn’t accurate. For instance, you might be buying content for your car sales site. Content that you use should provide real facts and details about cars you have on sale. Otherwise, it’s just waffle, it’s not useful to anyone and it’s obvious as a marketing tactic. Check out for an event that will teach you how to write great content.

What’s My Name Again?

Finally, if you have to ask this question, imagine how customers feel trying to think of the name of your site. Now, you might say that domain name isn’t as important in a world where we can add our favorite sites to our cell phone home screen. That’s true, but a catchy, useful name would still be effective online. It’s definitely worth thinking about changing your domain name if it’s too much of a mouthful.

Take this advice and you’ll find it’s smooth sailing online.