Customers Unhappy? Here are a Few Quick Fixes.

Customers Unhappy? Here are a Few Quick Fixes.

So, you’ve just received some bad reviews for your company. It can be really disheartening to read them but, thankfully, it isn’t the end of the world. If you set your sights on working hard for the foreseeable future and putting as much effort into your company as possible, you should find that it is easy to turn those bad reviews into good ones.

You will find that, no matter how successful your business gets, some poor reviews will slip through the gaps every now and then. Thankfully, if you deal with them quickly and effectively, they shouldn’t do too much damage to your business. Hopefully, once you have dealt with them, the customers who left the review will have changed their opinion about your company and will be willing to return to you to do their business with again in the future.

So, do you want to know how you can fix all those bad reviews and make unhappy customers smile again? Here are a few quick fixes you might like to try out.

Act Fast

You shouldn’t waste any time on dealing with complaints. As soon as a poor review is flagged up to you, you need to act fast before the effects of the review are felt by your business. If the review has been left on a public review site or on social media, you shouldn’t delete it. That will only look like you are hiding from the problem. Instead, leave a comment or quick message that is highly professional. That way, anyone who sees the review will also see your comment and will know that you are dealing with the problem. You should then contact the reviewer directly to see if there is any way you can help them or improve the situation for them. All of this communication should be done in a professional manner.


Listen to Them

Whenever anyone offers you any feedback about your company, you should always listen to them and give them your full attention. This is common courtesy and shows them that you fully respect them and want to do all that you can to rectify any errors or bad situations. There is no doubt that this customer will be very annoyed and unhappy at the minute, and if they think that you are not listening to them, this will only add further fuel to the fire. No matter what happens and how angry the customer may get, there is no point trying to fight fire with fire and getting angry yourself. This will only make things spiral out of control. Stay calm and collected, and you will then be a lot more likely to come to a suitable resolution for both parties.

Win Their Respect

Next, you need to try and win their respect. This will be quite hard work, but you will get there in the end with a little perseverance. If you try to earn their respect, though, you will find that it doesn’t take long to fix the situation. That’s because, by respecting them you are also showing that you care about the situation in hand, and that you value their opinions and feedback. So, how do you go about winning someone’s respect? It’s mostly about your manner while handling the issue. Always be polite and show good etiquette. Make sure you keep all the promises you make as well and that you aren’t too reactive during any of your communications.

Always Take Responsibility

Don’t forget that you need to take full responsibility for the problem that occurred. After all, it probably was an issue in your company’s processes or operations that caused the mistake or error in the first place. It isn’t often that a customer causes these kinds of issues. So, whenever you do receive a complaint, don’t just reply with your apologies. You need to take responsibility, which means taking the blame and offering a viable solution. It’s at that point that your customer will realize that you are dedicated to improving things for them, and then they will start to regain their trust in your company again.

Don’t Forget To Follow Up

Once you start to take some action with a complaint and begin to make all the necessary changes in your company’s service and processes, you should always stay in touch with the customer who complain. This then allows you to provide them with plenty of feedback about the action you have taken, and how things are set to improve in the future. One great idea is to ask the customer for feedback if they do use your company again. There are various ways you can get feedback from customers, and you can find out about them in this customer service and NPS blog. Once you receive their feedback, you can then analyze it to see whether the changes and fixes you have made in your company are making a positive difference. If it looks like they aren’t, then it could be time to go back to the drawing board.

Make Improvements That Last

Once you do start to make improvements to prevent the errors and mistakes from happening again, you need to try and make sure that they are improvements that will last well into the future. Otherwise, you will just start getting some more similarly bad reviews. And that means more customers could be turned off from using your company again. So, when you are actioning some improvements, try to ensure that they have longevity and will benefit your company for some time to come yet.

Don’t Stress Out

One other thing to mention briefly is that you shouldn’t stress out over any bad reviews. Even big companies that are extremely lucrative will get them from time to time. You can’t please everyone, after all, but at least you now know what to do if you do get a bad review!

Hopefully, this quick guide helps you fix customer problems in no time at all from now on!