Can You Master the Art of Building Business Fires?

Can You Master the Art of Building Business Fires?

When you go camping, a fire is a prerequisite. If you get one going fast, you can ensure light and heat for the duration of your stay. Without both of those, you’ll struggle to get by. But, we know what you’re thinking; what does this have to do with business? In truth, the link isn’t an obvious one. Camping and starting a company are pretty different. But, when you think about it, you want to set your business alight in one way or another. You certainly want light to see by. Besides, the metaphorical idea of business on fire is what being an entrepreneur is all about, right? You can certainly guarantee that things will turn cold if you don’t manage to provide the necessary spark when you’re starting out.

Sadly, the skill of fire building is fast going out of fashion. What’s more, many business owners have no real idea of how to set a company alight. That’s why we’re going to look at the ways you can build your company campfire and guarantee success.

Find a good spot

Starting a fire in a bad spot is impossible. In fact, you could say this is the most crucial determiner of success. Laying your foundations on wet grass, for instance, is sure to dampen your efforts from the word go. When it comes to creating business fires, you could say that your spot is your niche and audience. Before you stand any chance of building a business which will work, you need to take your time here. First, you should decide on a niche. As can be seen from sites like, this is easier than you’d think so don’t be afraid to get stuck in. The chances are that you have a basic business idea already, but you need to do some research. For one, you should find out which products like yours are already on the market. Then, you need to set about deciding what differences yours offers. Once you’ve done that, you should work on discovering your audience. Again, research can go a long way here. It may even be worth laying some market foundations with surveys and questionnaires. In a way, this is the equivalent of feeling the ground for signs of wet and unsuitability. Once you’ve felt around a little, the chances are that you’ll find a spot, or a market, which will work well. Only then do you stand any chance of laying a foundation which could work for you.

Lay your kindling

Don’t think you can start a fire in an instant now you’ve found the right spot. In truth, fire building is an art which takes time and patience. If you’re to stand any chance of building a successful brand, you need to take your time here. With fire, this involves laying kindling in a way which captures the flames. In business, it means laying a foundation on which you can build your business. And, to do that, you need to get stuck into marketing. It should come as no surprise that this is an essential part of getting started. How else do you stand any chance at catching customers eyes? The good news is, if you took proper time over the above pointer, this shouldn’t be difficult to master. Once you know your audience, you can work on a marketing campaign which is sure to appeal to them. A younger audience, for instance, is sure to respond best to online ads and social media efforts. You could even mix the two by paying for promotions on sites like Facebook. This near enough ensures the right people see your stuff. If you’re appealing to an older audience, however, methods like these may not serve you. Instead, you should focus on traditional options like newspaper and magazine opportunities. On both counts, it’s also worth putting a lot of effort into a television campaign which is sure to gain your brand notice. Remember that this foundation has a lasting impact on how the rest of your fire goes. As such, you need to make sure that, from day one, your ads reflect you as a company. Use colors which make an appearance in your logo and develop a slogan which reflects your values. While you may want to cast your net far, it’s also worth noting that your marketing budget is relatively limited. In other words, you want to keep your area of kindling small, so it’s easier to start the fire. Focus, then, on putting all your effort into one or two marketing methods. Make sure you get the most from these by promoting as much as you can and paying attention to analytics as you go.

Bound-by Marketing Spark

Trustworthy tinder

Once your kindling is in place, it’s time to focus on tinder. In the fire making world, this is anything from newspaper to cotton. It’s the thing you light first, and it then ensures the fire spreads. In business, your tinder is the thing which keeps customer attention once your marketing has caught their eye. In other words, this is the thing which ensures passing customers turn into usable leads. Say customers click on your ads, for instance; what incentive are you giving them to stay? You need to give them a reason not to click off again in the first few seconds of their visit. You can be sure, though, that’s just what they’ll do if you use the wrong tinder. On a simple level, success here comes down to nothing more than the layout of your website. A well-designed page which doesn’t lead to info overload is sure to work well at keeping interest. By comparison, a messy page with thousands of words won’t work at all. Getting this right also involves making sure to show the niche you discovered in the first stage. You should make sure that customers know what’s different about you as soon as possible. On your website’s first page, you should highlight what makes you stand out from your competition. It may be that your prices are the winning factor. Or, your product might do something no other company does. Either way, you need to make sure that’s plain for every visitor to see. All the better for spreading the flames of their interest.

Create a spark

So, you’ve laid the groundwork. Now comes the moment we’ve been waiting for. It’s time to spark up those foundations and get this fire started. And, it’s time for you to turn leads into cold, hard sales. Sadly, this is the hardest stage of all, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. For one, it’s important to note that most businesses rely on their staff to add that final spark. With an online business, that could mean providing 24-hour help. That way, your team can put any doubts at ease, and ensure a clear path to success. In a physical business, it’s worth training staff to approach customers after they’ve browsed. They can then turn slight interest into hard cash. Either way, it’s worth making use of resources like the sales videos on sites like here. These ensure your staff are 100% prepared to lead sales. And, that makes them the lighter to your fire foundation. But, that’s not to say this the only thing you can do to help get that fire started. Other things, like focusing on product descriptions, can be enough to tip the scales. Even something as simple as decent product photography may well see you alight.

If all went well, your fire will be blazing by this stage. But, it’s a foolish camper who thinks that means their work is done. If you walked away and stopped your efforts at this stage, you’d come back to nothing more than a smoldering mess. Instead, a good camper knows the importance of feeding that fire. Along the same vein, a good business person should understand the importance of keeping customer interest alive. After all, building loyalty is the best chance you have of staying successful. Loyal customers spend more on average. They also spread the word to their mates. So, there’s no way you should just walk away after completing a sale. Instead, it’s important to stay in contact, and chuck that customer a few logs now and again. Okay, not literally, but you get the sentiment. Your best option with this in the modern age is to make use of email newsletters like those offered on By asking customers to sign up, you ensure you can send mail right to their inbox. And, guess what? Each time they receive an email from you, you’re stoking the flames of their interest. It’s also worth following up every sale with a feedback form. As well as being a fantastic form of market research, this ensures you remind customers who you are when it matters most. Just like that, you stand to keep your business fire going for many years to come.