Blogging As A Career

Blogging As A Career

In 2017, blogging has become a viable form of business, with more and more bloggers choosing to turn their blogs into their main income streams. The fact is that thanks to the rise of content marketing, bloggers are now able to make fantastic incomes from their blogs – incomes that ten years ago were unimaginable.

Back when blogging first became a thing in the late 90s, no one would have guessed that it had the potential to become a viable business option. However, over the years blogging has gained momentum as a way of making a profitable income, with more and more bloggers choosing to monetize their blogs each year.

A big part of bloggers’ success turning their blogs into businesses is down to marketing because, without the right methods in place, success as a blogger would be impossible. Studies show that each year, increasing numbers of bloggers choose to undertake marketing (and marketing related) degrees to further their knowledge and improve their chances of success.

Bearing that in mind the question is, what makes a marketing degree so beneficial for bloggers turning their blogs into businesses?

Broader understanding of the benefits of marketing

First and foremost, one of the most vital benefits of undertaking a marketing degree is the fact that it will give you a broader understanding of the benefits of marketing for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of whether it’s an on-site degree or one of the best MBA programs in marketing that are taught online, you can learn a lot about improving your blog’s advertising. You will learn a range of key skills and gain experience using a combination of marketing tools and methods, which you will be able to implement in the marketing of your blog. Think of your blog as a small business – understanding the key marketing methods for increasing brand awareness could be vital to your success monetizing your site.

Useful skills for increasing brand awareness

Want to learn how to improve brand awareness for your blog? Then undertaking a degree in marketing could be the answer. The fact is that brand awareness is vital for success for any small business, including for blogs, which is why it’s so vital to understand what it takes to achieve success. Sure, you could opt to outsource the task, but when it comes to improving your chances of business success, saving money is key, which is why learning how to deal with your marketing needs yourself, could be the answer.

Better understanding of consumer habits

Another benefit of choosing to undertake a marketing degree is gaining a better insight into consumer habits. This may not seem necessary for running a blog, but the fact is that it can be, especially if you have already added, or plan on adding, an e-commerce store to your blog. A lot of bloggers choose to do this to help increase the income that their sites offer. By undertaking a marketing degree, you can learn more about your company’s demographics and how you can best reach your branding goals, allowing you to increase your chances of business success as a blogger.

Blogging as a career can work well if you are clued up when it comes to your marketing methods. That’s why undertaking a degree in marketing could be a good step to take and something that’s worth considering.