Fuse Alliance

Role: Outsourced Marketing and Technical Director
Sector: Commercial Flooring
Orange County, CA
Fuse Alliance is a Member-owned organization of 120+ commercial flooring contractors with 180+ locations in the U.S. and Canada. These businesses represent approximately $1.8 billion in sales and services. Together as a small team, we fetch and return results.

Fuse Alliance Website Development + Management
Experius Distribution (a Fuse Alliance Company) Ecommerce Development + Management
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Planning is a Good Thing: investing in your brand and your business is also a good thing. Fabulous actually.
Fuse Alliance Membership Guide Design
Fuse Alliance Annual Conference Collateral
Annual Conference Logo Development: Never Miss a Beat
Annual Conference Logo Development: Rise of the Contractor
Spark Awards Program Logo


Fuse Alliance brought me on as their Outsourced Marketing and Technical Director to oversee their marketing and tech endeavors. This talented group trusted me to get in on the ground floor and develop cohesive brand strategies to boost online sales and Membership to the co-op. As the ringleader for this small but mighty team, network sales and drive Membership increased by 20% each year. Now who says size matters?

Game Changing:

I gave their public-facing website a brand new experience for the end-user. By rebuilding their e-commerce platform, online sales increased 40% year after year. The crew and I even launched an annual awards program — the Spark Awards — honoring outstanding craftsmanship in the industry.

Great design creates positive changes.

“Lyndsay is our outsourced marketing director that rocks our marketing and technology business operations, design, and full-scale project management. She is our go-to-gal for all things marketing and she also makes the work fun! Even though she rides us hard!”

Geoff Gordon
Executive Director
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