Caterina’s Club

Role: Outsourced CMO
Sector: Non-profit/Hospitality
Anaheim, CA
Inspired by the charitable work of Mamma Caterina, the non-profit Caterina’s Club brings safety, stability, and nourishment to disadvantaged families throughout Southern California. Not only do they offer essential resources to people in transition, they also feed warm, fresh meals to thousands of hungry children each night. When their home at Anaheim White House burned down, I donated a year of marketing time to ease the stress during their rebuilding efforts.

Categories:   Hospitality, Non-profit
13th Annual Red Carpet Gala Save the Date
Mama Caterina Program Cover
13th Annual Red Carpet Gala Invitation
Over a Million: reasons to support Caterina's Club and help to feed the children.


As the Outsourced CMO, part of my daily love-joy is designing effective marketing campaigns that create buzz for charitable events. The annual charity GALA is the bread and butter of their fundraising efforts and I’m proud of creating an easy process for this amazing group to plug into. From project management to fab event programs, Caterina’s Club counts on me to help manage their day-to-day bizzopps.

Game Changing:

Beyond marketing materials, I work with Caterina’s Club to boost attendance at the popular KFI AM 640 PastaThon. Think tons of fun, tons of pasta, and tons of money raised to feed children. In the last 7 years, a grand total of $1,848,0562 was raised for local families — that’s over 348,376 pounds of spaghetti and sauce! Now that’s what I call marketing for good.

I celebrate my client relationships, the lessons I learn each day from them, and the vivid intensity that’s woven into the fabric of our collaboration.

“Lyndsay is always one step ahead of us,which is exactly what we need! It is a pleasure working with this professional, witty chick who never fails to deliver in a big way. Our brand has become much more cohesive and approachable to our target demographic. She is always working for us around the clock and really anticipates our needs all day long. We love you, Lyndsay!”

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