CareFusion (now BD)

Role: Marketing Account Director
Sector: Medical Device (Respiratory)
Orange County, CA
Yorba Linda, CA
Chicago, IL
CareFusion (now BD) manufactures and markets more than 27,000 unique products for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of respiratory conditions in every stage of life. They are a singular, focused company offering products in four areas: respiratory diagnostics, ventilation, airway management and operative care consumables.

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The Creative Process Ingredients: strategy, efficiency, communication, incubation, implementation, fun.
CareFusion Tradeshows
CareFusion Tradeshows


I was tasked with leading and managing a marcomm team for a global rebrand from Cardinal Health to CareFusion for a $850M respiratory business. Bridging gaps between clinicians and creative; fostering relationships that were broken and needed to be rebuilt; project managing all creatives, clinicians, sales, and VPs during the rebranding process.

Through the rebranding process, I had to manage every single piece of marketing collateral through the regulatory and legal approvals as well to ensure labeling was accurate and ‘claims’ were accurate. Working with trademarking, copyright, EU, labeling, etc. was a big part of the rebrand process as well!

Additionally, I was in charge of the marketing for all U.S. and global tradeshows for the respiratory business, while working hand-in-hand with other CareFusion business units for shared shows and space.

Game Changing:

  • Ran successful global rebrand of over 500 global sales and marketing communications solutions from Cardinal Health to CareFusion—an $850M respiratory business.
  • Co-managed a $50M U.S. marketing budget and consulted on global budget
  • Aligned a disparate upstream and downstream marketing team
  • Liaison between corporate and respiratory division—patching up relationships between them that were horrible upon arriving!

Advancing. Connecting. Empowering.

“Lyndsay is perhaps most impressive in her ability to drive the creative process and manage accounts and their projects to completion. She has an infectious enthusiasm that makes her fun to work with and a joy to participate on a team with. I would recommend Lyndsay for any project that required focus, creativity, and careful resource management.”

Randy Clare
VP of Sales and Marketing
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