Bronzed Bunny

Role: Outsourced Director of Marketing Bunny
Sector: Health + Beauty
Newport Beach, CA
Bronzed Bunny is the premiere organic airbrush tanning and sugar spa that started in the OC. They’ve engineered a super, sexy solution that’s paraben-free, anti-aging, cellulite-fighting, and quick-drying — so you can hop into your day with a glow.

Bronzed Bunny Website Design
Bronzed Bunny E-commerce Development
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Bronzed Bunny Sneak Peek Window Design, Austin TX
Bronzed Bunny Sneak Peek Window Design, Austin TX
Bronzed Bunny Sneak Peek Window Design, Austin TX
Bronzed Bunny Email Marketing
Bronzed Bunny Email Marketing
Bronzed Bunny Email Marketing


I was officially brought on as the Director of Marketing Bunny role. Working with all parties on investor decks, I helped launch the first franchise in Austin, Texas. Clarity was brought to projects, communications, and timelines. Then I hopped on the chance to manage the bunny’s graphic design and marketing campaigns while spearheading an entire website and e-commerce rebuild. Our internal housekeeping ensured all systems ran smooth as a sugared bottom.

Game Changing:

Now I won’t sugarcoat this — their workflow was a giant shit show. So, I put on my figurative gloves and cleaned up the breadth of their marcomm productivity. All without breaking the Bunny Bank. I helped empower my peeps at Bronzed Bunny with virtual tools to share, organize, and analyze valuable files. And saving the Bunnies time and hassle allowed them to focus on remaining a customer-focused business — all good things on the revenue front.

If you need me, I’ll be over here being a badass.

“Working with Lyndsay is sexy AF. She is honest, transparent and definitely not a “yes” babe! She will full throttle you into your brand and business and kick your ass a little too.”

Jeni Castro
CEO + Owner
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