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Role: Outsourced Social Media Director
Sector: Media/Talk Radio
Burbank, CA
Bill Handel — resident badass and legendary lawyer — is one of the top talk radio personalities in the U.S. At KFI AM 640, Bill hosts the nationally syndicated program, “Handel on the Law,” and the top-rated Los Angeles morning drive show, “The Bill Handel Show”. Basically, Bill is one brilliant dude whose words are both entertaining and valuable to listeners. I’m lucky to be a sweetheart at iHeart Radio, where I get to handle Handel’s social media.

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Bill brought me on as his Outsourced Social Media Director. Part of my role is capturing Bill’s on-air shenanigans and blasting them off into cyberspace for you to follow, comment, engage, and share. Plus, you’ll get a sneak peek at his off-air antics (because there’s no commercial breaks with this entertaining guy). From the airwaves to the electronic highway, I’m here to ensure his social spaces stay brutally honest and consistent.

Game Changing.

I offer crafty, consistent content to the fans that’s just straight-up fun to consume. From listener to engager, social media lets us tap on the shoulders of new generations and reach new levels of interactions. So stay tuned. Big developments are underway. And ladies between the ages of 35 and 50 — tune in for “Handel on the News”.

I’m inspired by the connection with my clients. My consulting relationships are the key to unlocking honesty, transparency, and a bunch of love.

“Lyndsay has showed me that social media can be fun and I usually hate this shit! Social is time-consuming but with Lyndsay, there’s never a dull or dry moment — her energy hydrates me as I expand my brand online. And it’s working!”

Bill Handel
Talk Show Host of The Official Bill Handel Show
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